My name is Richard Harrison and I like to think of myself as a pretty creative guy. I have had a pencil in my hands since I was six years old creating all sorts of characters and comic strips for family and friends. I have spent the past 27 years working in the graphics field professionally in a number of creative roles including Layout Designer, Pre Press Designer and Creative Director. I embrace new projects with enthusiasm and excel when presented with new creative opportunities.

As a Freelance Artist I diversify my talents as a Cartoonist, Book Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and all around jack of graphic trades.

I like to think that I help people. I like to think that what I do helps people acheive their goals in creating and developing their businesses, small and large. As a designer I work hard with my clients to develop their branding that will lead them to success and get them noticed. From logo conception to business cards to their journey to the world wide web. I guide you through the path that starts with an idea to a fully functioning brand identity.

I currently live in Strathroy, Ontario with my wife Maureen, our youngest son Blake and our dog Chico Burrito.


For Ages 8-16
No Group Classes Scheduled at this time.
Contact for private One on One classes.

6 classes
TBD (1.5hrs week)
$100.00 (cost includes supplies)

Supplies provided -
Sketch Book, Pencils, Eraser, Markers

This course focuses on introducing your child to the basics of drawing in a fun cartoonish style.  If you can draw basic shapes or you’re a compulsive doodler and want to have fun drawing this is the course for you.  The lessons cover tips, techniques and what materials and equipment you may want to purchase.  You’ll learn how to draw cartoony people, animals and things through numerous practical exercises and lots of practice.


  Techniques and tools of the trade
  Drawing cartoon expressions, using the four main features of the human face
  Drawing a cartoon face from various angles
  The 4 P's of Cartooning: Play; Practice; Patience; Persistence
  Basic techniques in drawing hands, and explore how body language works in a cartoon
  Various styles and techniques of other cartoonists
  Drawing cartoon animals
  Using photos
  Caricature drawing


Hands-on instruction


At the end of this course, it is expected participants will be able to:

  Experiment with the tools of the trade of cartooning, and learn some fun, hands-on warm up drawing exercises in the process
  Learn how to draw cartoon expressions, using the four main features of the human face (eyes, eyebrows, mouth and wrinkles)
  Draw a basic cartoon face from various angles
  Understand the importance of the four P's of cartooning: Play; Practice; Patience; Persistence
  Know some basic techniques in drawing hands & bodies
  Draw cartoon animals
  Understand basic techniques in creating caricatures


The classes will be held in Strathroy at
157 Front Street East


Richard Harrison at 519-245-6925 or


If you would like to contact me about a possible future project, have a comment or question. Please fill out the form to the left or send me an e-mail at the below address.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Harrison

Welcome to my shop. Below you will find copies of the books I have worked on, artwork prints and original artwork for sale. I will be adding new things on a regular basis. Feel free to come, browse and shop often.

Be the Boss of Your Feelings!
Emotional Freedom Techniques for Kids.

This informative book introduces children to the body/energy/emotion connection and explains how EFT can be used to tap away negative feelings. The engaging illustrations and helpful information provides a wonderful tool for encouraging children to become the “boss of their feelings”. Parents, educators and therapist will love this resource for helping children!


Each book will ship signed by me with an original sketch.

Be the Boss of Your Thoughts!
A Guide to Reduce Anxiety and Lower Stress in Kids.

Follow three friends as they help anxious children understand how the brain works when stressed. Simple tools are also included to help kids shift out of negative energy patterns so they can be the ‘Boss of their Thoughts’. This book is recommended for all children ages 6 to 12 but also contains helpful information for adults.


Each book will ship signed by me with an original sketch.

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